Sarita Coutts, BBA

Hi, I'm Sarita. Thanks for visiting my site and wanting to get to know more about me and my work!


I'm a marketer with a head for business and a heart for design. I've had the privilege of leading a large range of marketing projects with many types of medias and online platforms, as well as organizing events and trade show marketing.


I'm a graphic designer and photographer, but with a Bachelor of Business Administration, my business understanding allows me to think deeper when it comes to design and create more than just a logo or website--I aim to create recognizable brands with vision.

Regina is a hub for entrepreneurs and small businesses--but it's easy to get lost in the activities of business, and forget to market ourselves in the process. Without awareness, small businesses struggle to stay relevant and keep sales flowing, let alone growing. But I can help! 

Design skills in a timely manner. And not just the designs, I can provide you with the final prints and products to eliminate your stress of being the middle man between design and print.
Gain followers & subscribers that lead to sales and referrals.
Instagram, Facebook,
Twitter, Houzz, Pinterest, 
Youtube, LinkedIn
Photography for your business. Tell your story with beautiful images that effectively communicate who you are and why you do what you do.